Dear US Dear Barack Obama

Opening post by POMB 7th November 2012

Dear United States of America. Dear Barack Obama.

As you may know, what your country does, will always have a big influence on, not only your own lives, but in reality, the lives of the whole world's population. I find that the best thing about every democracy is that it is, in fact, a democracy. The people in the world of democracy simply decide what their countries shall do. There is only one country like the US. You are special, even compared to Norway. You have inhabitants more powerful than continents, you have this enormous military control, and you are the main corner of any business I can think of. If the US changes, the world changes. In many ways, it is all up to you. I understand though, if it can be hard to be an American; it is hard for so many people all over the world, even in my filthy rich country, Norway. It is a hard knock life, like two of my favourite Americans, Jay-Z and Annie from the musical once said. Whatever, maybe we can make this world a better place through the United States. By winning his second election today, I believe that Barack Obama did the hardest thing on his way to really change the world.

“The best is yet to come”, The President just told the US in his beautiful victory speech. He could not have said anything better or more correct. The job is in front of US. With Barack Obama in charge.